Singapore 2015: Merlion Park, Chinatown & Botanical Gardens

3:23 AM

Chinatown is one of the must visit places in Singapore for those who love to bring home souvenirs. Just wondered around Pagoda street and other nearby streets during the afternoon. Some of the restaurants and other shops don't open till night fall so best to visit during the night. But my visit didn't went in vain because I had bought tons of trinkets to take back home. I remembered I bought keychains, tote bags, I heart SG shirts, chopsticks and large fans and I only spent less than 30 SGD. 

After shopping for souvenirs, I dropped by Merlion Park...again. This time I was alone and had to take the train to get there. The nearest station was Raffles Station and from there I had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to the park. The area was like Makati, lots of high rise buildings & men in suites taking their afternoon cigarette breaks. Even though I was alone and already went here once, I had to visit this again 'cause I felt that I didn't went to Singapore if I didn't get to see the famous Merlion Statue. 

It was already 4:00pm that I decided to drop by to a place I hadn't visited last year. Singapore's Botanical Garden is so huge I actually got lost! It is easily accessible via the MRT. Just alight at Botanic Garden Station in the Circle Line then you're there. 

It has numerous ponds, tiny hills, tracks and even small animals. I think I was the only tourist at the time I visited and everyone were locals. Walking around the massive park was relaxing at first then I realised I was lost and had no one to ask for directions haha. I walked for about 2 hours and just only explored 1/8 of the park. Before going back to the hotel I met with my dad and ate dinner at a market with lots of hawkers stalls. 

That is all.

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