Old Manila

3:17 AM

Since I'll be more active blogging what I wear, I'm getting a little more excited for my Saturday classes. This was taken just outside PLM where only a few people passes by especially on the weekends.

What changed this time? I finally have friends that agreed to take my outfit photos! Plus they know how to take good outfit pictures. It's a give and take thing really. They take my photos, I take theirs. Shoutout to Sed & Jeciel!

By the looks of it, majority of my outfit posts will be shot in Intramuros, which is a good thing since the walled city has lots of photogenic spots and can give of that old-Spanish feel.

I'm wearing a long fit flannel shirt from H&M paired with my favorite jeans from Uniqlo. 

With my trusty pair of Docs.

That is all.

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