Japan Visa: How did a student and his Mom got approved!

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September 5, 2016 we applied for a Tourist Visa without Guarantor through Attic Tours and four days later we got our passports back and we got approved!!! We were super happy and relieved because we already booked our tickets months before and had reservations for the places we stayed in Japan and thank God everything didn't go to waste. So how did we (full time student, wow haha and housewife) got approved you asked? Here are some of the things we did.

This all started during a Travel Expo last July 7, 2016 when my mom and I decided to book tickets to Japan on October-November. After we already booked our tickets that's when it occurred to me that getting a Visa is no walk in the park.

Research and Prepare
That lead us to the next thing we did, research. All the requirements for different types of visa are in the website of the Embassy of Japan, but here are the things we prepared and submitted through one of the accredited agencies, Attic Tours (List of accredited agencies). Oh by the way, we applied for a Tourist Visa without Guarantor just to be clear :)

Major Requirements

1. Philippines Passport
We've been to Hongkong and Singapore a couple of times before we applied for a Japan Visa

2. Printed Application Form 
We placed N/A to the questions which are not applicable to us and it isn't necessary to have it printed but it will make you application form neat and presentable

3. 2x2 Photo 
Your background should be white. We had our picture taken at Great Image para super fresh haha

4. NSO Birth certificate

5. Marriage Certificate 
Obviously, only my mom has one lol

6. Daily Schedule in Japan 
Research on where you would go once you're in Japan! I think this part should be realistic in terms of travel time from one area to another and also with your allotted budget.

7. Bank Certificate 
I don't have a clue on how much should you have on your bank account to get approved but being super kabado since we both don't have jobs, we submitted bank certs from all of our banks including checking, savings, atms, time deposits and I think even cc statements

So what did we submit in the absence of ITR and Certificate of Employment?

Other than submitting all the major requirements, we also submitted the following (You can apply even though you don't have any of these):

1. Flight Itinerary 
Our flight was purchased at the Travel Expo and is already paid in full.

2. Hotel Reservations 
We booked the ones with free cancellation marks through Agoda so that when it didn't worked out for us we could cancel without any fees.

3. School Registration Form
I submitted a photocopy of my latest registration form from PLM to prove that I am still a student.

4. Remittance Receipts from my Dad 
My dad works abroad and will not be with us during the trip. We submitted 2 months proof of remittances and I felt that this was an important document that got us approved. Pero feeling ko lang naman haha 

All of the requirements were submitted at Attic Tours in there Hotel Jen Branch in front of PICC and when we got there, we just handed all the requirements over to the staff and paid Php 500 each for the processing fee (we had a discount coupon from the travel expo). We were done in less than 10 minutes! Now we had to wait for four days to know if wether or not we got approved.

On the day our passports were returned, my mom said to me we got denied and all I could say was "weh? di nga" then she still wouldn't crack, that's when I was about to cry hahaha but binawi niya bigla saying "Joke lang", bwiset hahaha.

To sum everything up, don't get discourage if you think you can't travel to countries where you have to apply for a visa just because your unemployed or a student. As long as you could fund your trip one way or another and you don't have hidden agendas in going to that country, you can make it happen. Dreams will stay dreams unless you act on it, pak.

I will be posting about our Japan trip soon but for now here are some of the places we went to when we were in Japan.

Disclaimer: These are all just based on what we experienced and we are not associated with the embassy. What worked for us may not work for you.

That is all.

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