Dress Code

1:28 AM

Expressing yourself through what you wear is generally easy. But if you like to express yourself through your "school" clothes, that's a bit of a challenge. Challenging in a way that you have to follow certain rules and dress codes that the school lets you wear during your saturday classes/free days. I for one normally wear ripped jeans/shorts that isn't allowed inside the school, so that leaves me limited to my unripped (typically boring) pair of jeans. 
That leaves your top and shoes to showcase your inner style. Another rules is that students can't wear sleeveless tops. You can actually go around this rule and just wear a jacket over your top but given the weather here in Manila that could just make you sweat like hell. That's why I always make sure to wear shoes that would really make me stand out from the rest of the crowd. So here's what I wore to school one saturday morning. 
Top & Shades from Cotton On, Jeans from Forever 21, Boots from H&M.
That is all.

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