Singapore 2014: First time to travel outside the Philippines

12:27 PM

Hey everyone!

After almost three years of being busy with school and other stuff, I've decided to go ahead and blog again. This post is a little bit of a throwback. The first time I hopped on a plane was May of 2014, when we went to Singapore.

PS from now on I'll also be posting travel stories and photos too on my blog.

We spent just three days in Singapore. It was kind of an impulsive trip since we didn't plan ahead of time. Booked the plane ticket and hotel a week before our travel date, that's why the trip was a little bit expensive (for me) though I wasn't aware that time that airfares could go as low as Php 2,100 (roundtrip) and I didn't even know what a hostel is, haha. We spent roughly Php 20,000 each for the whole stay.

Arrived at the hotel, freshened up and then we went out to explore the Lion City, Mandaluyong! Joke, haha. Strolled along Orchard Road, window shopped and then there was this big stage at one of the mall in the area and just our luck, we were just in time for the asian premiere of X-men: Days of future past! We caught a glimpse of Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman but I didn't took a photo of him, nakalimutan ko actually, na-starstruck ata ako.  

Went to Marina Bay Sands to got to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest but it was already closed when we got there. But the whole area was very photogenic.

Next day we went to Universal Studios Singapore and SEA Aquarium.

The Battlestar Galactica Ride was closed during my first trip to Universal Studios Singapore.

Explored the rest of Sentosa Island and there was this man made beach named after Palawan. Such a nice sunset to cap of a fun day.

It was day our last day in Singapore and of course we wouldn't miss out on a photo op with the famous Merlion Statue at Merlion Park.

I didn't went on detailing everything that happened because I already forgot about some of them haha but to sum it up, I had fun and overall it was a hassle-free travel experience.

That is all.

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