Late Bloomer

8:11 AM

So this is my get up last night. This actually one of my impromptu ideas of what to wear. Never really thought of pairing this floral blazer with my two-toned button down from Oxygen, but I guess It worked. Oh and by the way, this was the debut of Obee, will post pictures on my next post. The attire itself is formal but the addition of the floral blazer makes it stand out from the common outfits when you talk about formal wear, which is the suite and tie. Another problem that I encountered trying to find the perfect outfit was the color of my hair. Seriously guys my hair is supposed to be blue not moss green/blonde. It kept on fading whenever I wash my hair :( but you know what they say, beggars can't be choosers haha, so I stuck with the yellowish green color which looked better at night.
I forgot the name of the stall, but I got the Floral Blazer during the Supersale bazaar last month. Boots from Luna. Pants from Palomino. Two-toned button down from Oxygen.
Photos by my good friend Troylan James or follow him on twitter @troymnl . That is all.

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