8:56 AM

And I'm back! After almost two months of sleepless nights, taray kala mo nag-aaral haha, I finally have the time to update and post a bunch of things here in my blog. Obviously, we went bowling with a few of my college buds. We were supposed to do a lot of fun activities this summer, pero puro pagpapalano lang ang nangyare, tadah! Anyways, I miss them na. It's sad that next semester will not be the same as the last two semesters, because some of my very maganda and gwapong block mates will transfer :(. Enough of the sad part, here are some of the photos of what happened almost a month ago haha, so tagal na, and also my outfit on that day.

Shirt from Uniqlo.
Jeans from Dickies. Boots from Luna.

Ending this post with a group shot, courtesy of yours truly. That is all.

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