Boxed Out

2:47 AM

This is what I wore when me and my blockmates went to our supposedly productive meeting for our activity in school but as what I said, it wasn't so productive in such aspect but then again, It was a perfect day to goof off and to unwind before school starts. And in that note, our classes resumed a while ago. I loved and enjoyed the fact that our quiz in ChemCal was postponed and we only did an experiment in our Physics Laboratory. After that we went to Sm Manila and watched One More Try and I didn't just liked the film, I really loved it. It made us cry, a lot and even made us laugh (Carmina's fault, haha). 
Going back to the outfit, I actually wanted to wear shorts but we were told to wear something that is appropriate for our role in our activity (which is actually a foreign movie trailer and we are tasked to translate it to Filipino).
Top from Artwork, Jeans from Levis, Boots from Doc Martens, Sunnies Thrifted 
That is all.

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