Gat Jose Rizal

9:44 PM


We went to Luneta Park last Sunday because we were supposed to shoot (diba artista haha) an activity for our Filipino subject but ended up enjoying ourselves and done absolutely nothing for our activity. On the bright side, we did however strolled along Luneta Park because there is a celebration for the holidays. We didn't actually enjoyed the festivity because it was still too early for the fountains and concert to start. Not to mention the scorching hot sun which made our skin tanner. But as what my previous posts pointed out how much I miss my blockmates, my wish was fortunately granted.
Ganda ng friend kong to!  He's Fahad.
Sophie, turista lang ang peg!
 (Left to right) Genesis, Bernard, Sophie, Fahad, Jeciel, Cecille. To bad that Angge the diyosa went home already. Anyways, our Luneta bonding was a good way to commemorate the undying love of our national hero for our country. I don't know why  I said that but the heck! That is all.

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