8:48 PM

I cannot stress how sloppy I am when it comes to my things, even when dealing with my gadgets. Yesterday was a not so new scenario for me, when the charger of my phone, just the usb cable I mean, gave up on me. That was actually the 3rd usb cable that can't tolerate my destructive persona. So I decided to go the mall to go get a new one and decided to purchase a cute, usb cable which is actually a loop bracelet made for Apple products. 

It's Mozhy! I thought that the loop usb cable was too pricey but then I got hooked into the thought of how useful if I have one of those because I will not need to bring with me a charger all the time. Not to mention it's actually quite fashionable. Talk about style and function rolled up into this cute usb/bracelet.  
I just love the design of my Mozhy. the yellow just adds a little bit of fun to the design. And besides, yellow is my favorite color, if you know what I mean haha. That is all.

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