Pretty Little Monster

2:42 AM

I'm back. It's been so long since my last post and it's all because of College. I miss being all fashion-y and stuff. Actually we were allowed to wear civilian for almost  months at school, but due to tons of school work I didn't even had at least one outfit shot in Intramuros. So sad. But still, I manage to take photos in instagram.   

I guess I underestimated College life. I thought it would just be as petix and I could goof off all day, haha I was wrong. But enough of that, did I mentioned our school is near a mall? And July was the month for Mid year sales so yeah, SHOPPING. Shopping is my way to escape from all the stress in school. Haha, here are some of the things I bought and some random photos from random places.

Oh and the post is entitled, Pretty Little Monster coz it's initials are PLM, haha just saying.
Photos are all taken via instagram. Follow me on instagram: jangbisyosa. PS. Keep Safe everyone. That is all.

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