Bloggers United 3

10:45 PM

Okay yesterday was the Bloggers United 3 event held at Grand View Events Place in Makati. We went there probably before 11 (the doors open at 11am) and the line was already very very long. I felt like we were in a scene in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, lol. So anyways, we shopped first until we din't have any money left, shop till you drop your wallet ika-nga. While shoppin we also had a chance to meet and interact with our favorite bloggers. Here are some of he photos.
With Cheyser Pedregosa
With the Mother Becky herself, Divine Lee 

With Lissa Kahayon
With Camille Co :-)

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of people who came to the event I only got to have a picture with the bloggers above. Too bad I didn't got the chance to take my picture taken with Tracy Ayson, Tin Iglesias, Raleene Cabrera, David Guison, Laureen Uy, Kryz, and Patricia :( but having to see and raid their closets were enough. 
So I bought an Owl Necklace from Tin Iglesias, two spiked bracelets, a fringed top from Cheyser, a blazer from the mother becky haha (I love saying mother becky) and a button down from Victor Basa. And the best item I got is the red coat from Raleene Cabrera. It's truly divine and it only costed me 200 pesos. I only brought 1000 pesos to the event but look at where it got me! Best bazaar this year!

Congratulations to the person behind the event, it was a success and A lot of the shoppers and bloggers really enjoyed the experience. See you all at Bloggers United 4 but until then, that is all :-)

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