Shoe for less

10:57 PM

So, right now I would like to tell you guys about these shoes I recently got. They’re not really new, and I didn’t spend a single cent for them. The shoe on the left was given to me by my cousin. She’s just 14 years old and she’s not into high cut shoes. So she decided to give it to me, even though I actually forced her to give them to me haha. It’s an ankle high, black sued-ed leather booties. It’s really comfy and really chic and I could like wear any kind of top. And the other one was from my Grandad, he didn’t want it because he said“Pag bagets lang yan, di na ko nagsusuot ng ganyan”. Then he immediately asked me if I wanted it, without any doubt, I said yeah. What could you not love about those pair of shoes, there hip and you can like wear it anywhere, not to mention it’s water resistant and oil resistant. Talk about fashionable & function-able…and comfort-able haha. Will post   an outfit with those shoes soon, but for now. 

The black, ankle high boots are from Blai Hilton and the other one’s from Lower East Side.
That’s all folks :-)

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