Rougher than a sandpaper

9:11 PM

This is actually one of my favorite outfits. I used to wear this at Sm Mega and I got attention from everyone that I came across with. Their eyes were looking down and stared at my ripped jeans. I don’t know maybe they think I was like raped or something. Another unforgettable event that I wore this pants is during our 4th year outreach program. I wasn’t allowed to join the said activity because of this gorgeous pants, good thing I anticipated the situation so I brought with me an extra pair of pants. 
I wore my Diy-ed Ripped Jeans. I got the Jeans originally from Acne. Paired it up with my combat boots which I got from Forever 21. Next, my top is fromArtwork. I’m planning to by more tank tops from Artwork. The accessories are from thrift stores around Divisoria. And lastly the shades, I got it from fly shades. Hype this look. 
Lot’s of love from hell, kidding
That’s all folks :-)

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