Off the wall

10:01 PM

May 7, we went to PLM or The University of the City of Manila. This is where I'll be studying for College and I went there last Monday because I went to see if my friends passed the PLMAT. They were the last batch to take the test and I was in the first batch so I got to know my result way earlier. So here's what I wore.

I wore my over used Converse because I know there's gonna be a lot of walking involve so I wore my sneakers.  My top is a black V neck that I got from Bench and my ripped shorts is originally a Bench OJ pants that I DIY-ed . This is the first time I wore my DIY detachable collar and lastly I wore my Ray Ban Sunnies. Hype this look!

That is all :-)

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  2. Your colour is so amazing! Love it.

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