Manila Hipsters

5:38 AM

Last Monday, me and my friends (Loraine, Ashleigh and Troy) decided to have a photo shoot. The shoot is hipsters inspired. There style is just so unique and fun. It’s about being care free and to dress…..happy, not to mention all those skin showing from those short shorts and tank tops hipsters mostly wear.  
The shoot was also a way of getting us together since it's summer vacation and we're all busy for College. It's nice to see my friends again, for almost 3 weeks of not seeing each other. It was a good thing I wasn't busy on that day because I remembered I was supposed to go to somewhere else. Happy that I chose to postponed my other plans for my friends. 
So yeah, here are some of the photos from the shoot.

Ashleigh wore her blue laced-prom dress, I think she got it from Forever 21. And paired it of with a pair of black combat boots. While Loraine wore a tank top from Artwork and the ever popular short shorts. Troy had a  sweatshirt that he got from Topman, and an awesome tee that he bought from Macau. Paired with a pair of pink Tectuff leather Boots from Doctor Martens

I’ll be blogging my outfits later. :-)

Over all the shoot went well, we got hungry at the end so we ordered pizza. Hahaha that is all for the “Manila Hipsters”. ;-)

That's all folks :-)

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