Fringed finds

11:02 PM

Lately I've been obsessed with fringe. First of all, fringe is the decorative edging of a fabric that are often attached to a separate band. The other day I got bored and made my old, black jacket into a fringe top since it's really small and I look like a suman when I wear it. I just removed the sleeves then cut the bottom part and that's it.

Another fringe top that I recently got is from my good friend Troy. He has this business that makes Tie-dyed tops that are really cool and so boho-chic! The cross, the colors and the fringe makes this so perfect. He really makes a lot of customized tops, so if I were you you should like order right now before classes starts. 

I actually wore the black one yesterday, I'll post it tomorrow. Stay tuned but for now, that is all :-)

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