DIY: Half-bleached Jeans

8:27 AM

Not so new pair of Jeans
Bleaching jeans is like a hobby of mine. I bleached almost every denim clothing I own. From shirts to shorts and of course the ever popular jeans. My recent bleached related project is my old pair of plain Rough rider Jeans turned into a “half-bleached, half-not”, haha I know it’s a crappy name but it actually looks good. 
What you will need:
  • Bleach (Zonrox or what)
  • Brush (Toothbrush and the likes)
  • Old Jeans
First, wet the half part of your pants. Then, put on or you can just spray on the bleach. You can use pure bleach but be careful, you should use like loves to protect your precious little hands. Using the brush, gently brush the bleached side of the pants in order to make the bleaching process faster. You can brush it to the desire lightness you want but not to much because it may harm the fabric of the pants. If that happens you can also go for the half-bleached/ripped jeans look, haha.

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