DIY: Detachable Collars

6:04 PM

Last Tuesday, I got bored and decided to make some detachable collars. It’s really easy to make. Of course you’ll need a pair of scissors and an old button down shirt or any top that has a collar. Cut the collar using the scissors and that’s it. Haha

Detachable collars are used to accent the neck. It’s cute when you wear a tank top then use a detachable collar as an accessory. A little bit of insight about detachable collars, It’s actually popularized by Miu Miu and this trend is used in all types of styles, form runways to the red carpet and of course in the streets. 
I’ll wear my newly made collars soon, but for the mean time, I’ll make more Diy post, that is all.  :-) 

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