Denim Craze

8:51 PM

Lately I've been thinking of what to wear to school, because for I think 1 month or more we will be wearing civilian attire. My dilemma's this, they don't allow students to wear short shorts. I'm not actually a fan of jeans so I only have like 3 pairs of jeans, so I decided to shop for more. I went to MOA to look for jeans that are cute and can look very sexy even if you're not showing your legs to look sexy, haha. But yeah, I got a pair from Jag, it's actually a "Jegging" and it's hot. And another pair I got from Lee, It's a skinny type pants. I love the fitting for both of the pants. They do make me look sexy even though I don't flaunt my legs. I'll think 5 pairs of jeans are not enough, I'll continue to scout for more. That is all :-)

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