Cheer you...down

11:28 PM

During our trip to Cavite last Thursday, this is what I wore. I really wanted to look the part of a city mouse having a break and enjoying life outside the busy streets, I guess I achieved that look, the mouse part I mean. Haha.

I wore my Forever 21 Teal button down shirt which I also used during our Junior Senior Promenade. My old Giordano Cheer you up tee. The short shorts I got from somewhere down the road, haha. My Granddad's shades from Police. Of course, my Forever 21 Gray Socks and my not so new ankle high boots which my cousin gave to me. She got it from Blai Hilton. The weather was also perfect. Hype this look now!

Well that's it. I'll be blogging the Call it springs Meet and Greet soon so stay tuned. That is all. :-)

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