Cavite it is!

9:13 PM

May 3-4, 2012, me and my friends went to Cavite. We took a bus, then went to Romnick's house to unpack. Then after we had lunch, we went to Volets Resort to enjoy our summer getaway. But unfortunately it started to rain, good thing it only rained for about 3 hours. We had fun all in all. We enjoyed the amenities of the resort. For example the slides. It was so thrilling. Another edge to the resort is that they have a huge, and I mean huge wave pool. They have like, 6 or 7 different pools and a river like pool that goes around the whole resort, which I found very cool. We left the resort around 7 in the evening. Then went to Romnick's house to rest. Then morning came, it was time to go back to manila. Even though it was just an overnight stay, it feels really good to  temporarily escape the busy streets of Manila or Makati and just enjoy the summer breeze in other parts of the Philippines.

 Look at Manong oh! haha

 Me, Jameish and James

That is all :-)

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