Call it Springs: Meet and Greet

4:34 AM

May 05, 2012, was one of the best days ever! Why? Well we got the chance to meet some of the Philippines premiere fashion bloggers. Words really can't describe the happiness me and my friend felt during the event. It was held at Call it springs Greenbelt 3. We didn't actually win the contest but we still dropped by, and it's a good thing we did. There were complimentary popcorn, free coke, candies and really cute cupcakes. We got the chance to have our picture taken with the best bloggers. 

First is the very pretty and super nice, Laureen Uy. Who doesn't know her? The little sister of Philippines finest stylist Liz Uy and the owner of the number one fashion blog of the country, Break my Style. She was so nice. She even complimented me for my outfit. She said it was cute, oh my god! Laureen just said my outfit's cute! That moment when you're having that mini heart attack, well, I felt that when she noticed what I wore. She's, of course, really really pretty! 

Next is Vern Enciso, I really love her blog A shoetale. She's beautiful and I mean really beautiful. I remembered that she was the one who offered us popcorn, really friendly. Glad I met her. 

We also saw Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy and Camille Co. They are really more prettier in person and not to mention super duper friendly. I was overwhelmed by there beauty, sounds cheesy, but I was. 
After the Meet and greet, me and my friend Aki watched Battleship. Badgirl Riri was so cool, BOOM! haha. Got home maybe around 1 am. Everything was worth it. 
I will not forget this day ever in my entire life! I do hope this is not the end that I would see my favorite bloggers. Someday I won't just be a fun, haha joke. Who knows, maybe next time I could just become like, one of my idols. And I believe that, dreams really do come true. Fun day! That is all. :-)

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