Back to school

10:43 PM

The other day I went to Bea's house and wore a "bakck to school" outfit. Less than a month from now will be  the time to go back to school and this year it's different, because it's going to be my first day as a serious College student. I wore my DIY fringe sleeveless jacket for the first time in public. Added "back to school" feel is my backpack and the glasses. If you guys are wondering about the shirt, It's because I was supposed to go to CSB to meet with Troy. Ironic isn't it? Haha. But then I got really lazy and didn't go.

 Anyway here's what I wore.

 Backpack from Heartstrings, DIY Fringe jacket from originally from Exit, Ateneo tee got this from Ateneo (obviously), Denim Shorts from Mossimo, Gray Socks from Forever 21, Shoes from Lacoste, I got the rings from a thrift store. Hype this look.
We were supposed to have a movie marathon but ended up doing random things, haha it was fun. Enjoyed the company of these people.
(from left to right, Bea, Lui, Angelica, Roxanne, Jaime) *Jharen, Sam, Jacko, Cheska Gian :-) By the way school starts on June 4, well at least for me. That is all.

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